Seasonal Activity

Each season, we aim to provide an interactive and fun activity for children whilst exploring the Abbey. This may be in line with the seasons more as we know them - summer and winter or it may be a liturgical season such as Lent or Christmas.

This Easter we will be running our yearly Easter Trail through the Abbey. We are so pleased to welcome families back into the Abbey this year! 

'Seek the Sheep' and 'Look for Lambs' will take children on a journey through the Abbey to find hidden clues which will spell out a word, whilst learning about the Easter Story. Bring your completed trail map to the Cloister Porch when you're finished to receive a chocolate egg! 

Knitted sheep will also be available for sale in the Cloister Porch. 

The trail will take place from Monday 11 April through to Thursday 14 April and then again on Saturday 16 April from 11 - 3.

The trail is completely free.