The Abbey Choirs

Hexham Abbey choirs offer great opportunities for singers of all ages and from all backgrounds. Singers range from those with lots of experience to those with none. The Abbey Choirs are constantly developing, and have been since the 7th Century. Throughout that period the Abbey has always been a monumentally important church. 

Currently the choirs are split into two branches, with Boy and Girl trebles at the front and centre of both choirs. On Wednesdays the choir is in essence a Boys and Mens voices choir joined by some Girl trebles, and on Thursdays it is essentially a Girls Choir joined by men and ladies. The choirs share out Sunday duties, alternating morning and evening each week, to give individuals and families some flexibility.


The choirs provide a free top up education; choristers often acquire unexpected skills, not only in music, but in teamwork, and in countless other ways. Both choirs sing traditional Cathedral music, whilst also singing more modern Parish Church music. Often singing from the medieval night stairs, and often by candlelight, the Abbey Music really feels as unique and magical as the ancient building itself.


Boy and Girl choristers are not expected to be brilliant singers when they join (nor are they required to be churchgoers or to believe in God).  Any Boys and Girls can come along and just have a go! Most really enjoy it, and many go on to be very good singers through training and practice. Many develop wider interests, and all have chance to encounter Christianity, either very remotely, or perhaps more deeply. The commitment we hope for is high, and the potential rewards are immense.    


The Choirs have in recent years been on Radio and Television, recorded CDs and travelled all over England and across Europe. We have thrived even through the pandemic era, and look forward to new members and to many exciting years ahead. Contact Michael informally for more information about coming along.   

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