Abbey north side abbey through an arch abbey from a distance


14th September7th September31st the Priory and Parish Church of St. Andrew, Hexham. We hope that our website includes information that you are looking for and that you will be able to join in the life of our community and participate in our worship. There are lots of groups that meet at the Abbey to encourage each other on an adventure of faith that has an inclusive welcome and a generous engagement. This website also gives details for pilgrims and visitors who are planning to spend time in this place where the well of faith has flowed for over 1300 years.

Donating to the Hexham Abbey Appeal

At Hexham Abbey we have a VISION of a world where God’s love is enjoyed,
celebrated and shared.

Therefore it is our MISSION to become an open community of Christ’s disciples, sharing our worship, engaging our faith with the world, and offering our lives to serve God’s kingdom.

Interior of Hexham Abbey

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