Great East Window

Chancel E E7.jpg

E7: Calling of St Andrew & St Peter

Chancel E E6.jpg

E6: St Andrew Preaching

Chancel E E8.jpg

E8: Martyrdom of St Andrew

Chancel E E2.jpg

E2: Christ the Light;
the Roman Heathens

Chancel E E1.jpg

E1: The Living Bread;
Etheldreda & Wilfrid with Abbey plans

Chancel E E3.jpg

E3: The Good Shepherd;
Cuthbert confirming the young

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The six large lights are divided into nine figure panels, set in a ground of quarries painted in grisaille and decorated with a foliated design of early English character. The decorative scheme consists of deep coloured pictures relieved upon a white ground to which they are united by the lines of varied greens and browns made by stems and foliage; with here and there a brilliant note of red made by clusters of berries.
The tone of colour selected is low and rich rather than bright. The figures are about life-size; a scale which is not by any means too large to suit the architectural scale of the Abbey Church.

The three upper lights are devoted to The Call of St Andrew, the great Missionary Apostle, and the patron of a church itself the result of missionary enterprise.

The three lower lights have Christ as the prominent Figure and show three episodes in the history of Hexham Abbey. These scenes, illustrative of the progress of Christianity at Hexham, lead up to three large figures of Christ.

The design and execution were entrusted to Mr H T Bosdet of Chiswick, a member of the teaching staff of the Royal Academy. The drawing and painting have been carried out in every detail by the artist himself, and the firing done under his personal supervision.

All six windows were dedicated on 23rd July 1905 by the Venerable Archdeacon Madden, Canon Savage's predecessor at Barrow.