A Place of Community & Welcome

“The Abbey’s history and music, work with young people and service to the community, as well as the involvement in the life of our county, is appreciated by many people. For these things, and its continued rhythm of prayer amidst the busyness of our lives, I am immensely thankful.”
(Jane, Duchess of Northumberland)

The Hexham Abbey Project will give a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide the facilities needed for the Abbey to have a modern and meaningful future.

At the Reformation, Henry VIII granted Hexham Abbey’s monastic buildings to a Tudor nobleman, Sir Reynold Carnaby. These buildings have remained outside the Abbey’s use for nearly 500 years.

This lack of space has meant Hexham Abbey has long been unable to realise its full potential and we cannot offer our visitors the kind of welcome we would wish.

The Abbey urgently needs:

  • Permanent meeting spaces – both for religious and secular groups.
  • A large space for community activities, celebrations and events – the modern equivalent of a church hall.
  • Exhibition spaces – to display the Abbey’s wealth of historical treasures.
  • Interpretation spaces – to tell the Abbey’s long and fascinating history.
  • Educational areas – where people of all ages can study the significance of the Abbey in more detail and explore contemporary social issues. On Sundays these spaces will support the work of our Junior Church.
  • Outdoor space – where children can play, performances can be given, and people can sit and enjoy the place. Prior Leschman’s Garden will become a beautiful herb garden and place for quiet reflection.
  • Essential amenities – such as toilets, and a kitchen.

The Abbey is also keen to develop its role as a welcoming venue for a wide range of other community groups and activities, by offering a permanent home for youth organisations, and other such bodies.

An expansion of the Abbey’s public spaces will make an enormous difference to the well-being of people living in and around Hexham.

reveal the past, enhance the present, enrich the future

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