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Calm Extract Contents

Furniture HEXAB102 – HEXAB375:— some items have memorial inscriptions172
Memorials HEXAB1001 – HEXAB1275:— also includes ledger-stones in chancel and transepts plus gravestones in floor of nave and outside in Campy Hill184
Windows HEXAB1401.1 – HEXAB1433:— all of the Abbey’s stained-glass windows and their associated brasses71
Metalwork HEXAB2012 – HEXAB2182:— includes candle-sticks, jugs, collection-plates, etc.33
Flat Art HEXAB3001 – HEXAB3266:— paintings, drawings, prints, framed photographs, etc.232
Textiles HEXAB4009.1 – HEXAB4200:— vestments, banners, kneelers, altar-cloths, etc.40
Publications HEXAB5019.60 – HEXAB5519:— books, periodicals, etc.18
Stonework HEXAB6101 – HEXAB6506.1:— includes liturgical and funerary items, and architecural fragments83
Ephemera HEXAB9019.4 – HEXAB9508:— various documents, reports, disks (CDs, DVDs), colour-slides, unframed photographs, etc.31
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